Wednesday, April 29, 2009

this is how little guys get hurt

This is what happened just before Austin pulled the frame down on top of his head...opps!

getting bigger everyday

Learning to read already
Hey Mama, Look at me!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

new tricks

In just the last few days Austin has been up to a few exciting and funny things.

  • I found him standing in his crib the other morning (this is a reenactment for your viewing pleasure) when I heard him crying.  He has been pulling himself up from sitting, but this is the first time he has figured it out from lying down.
  • He's been scratching the top of his head when he gets tired
  • He is signing the sign for "nurse" when he is eating.  I think he means "more" so we are working on that.
  • He does patty cake when he hears me start to sing it
  • The other day i was feeding him bites of "real" food and I thought he was doing so well eating a bunch of it until he started coughing and semi-choking and I realized he had been storing it all in his cheeks and not swallowing it (and we all know that there is a LOT of room in those cheeks!)

Thanks Aunt Chelle

Austin's sweet Aunt Chelle sent him a package yesterday!  He got an authentic hippie shirt right from the Islands.  He was so excited to show it off.

hanging out before church

We got to church a little early on Sunday after our walk, so Austin played dice while the "big" kids played hangman.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

silly silly boy


Friday night we went to Hillsdale college to watch my college roommate, Danielle, run in an invite 5k.  Austin had a blast and refused to nap or go to bed (she didnt run until about 9.15pm).  He slept all the way home though.  What a ham!


Austin was so excited to go see Aunt Danielle run in her track meet.

First Bike Ride

On Friday I got the day off last minute and we decided to make the most of the 80 degree April sunny day and go biking.  This was Austin's first adventure in his Burley.  He did OK... he slept, cried, played...a little of everything.  We rode about 21 miles so that was probably a little much for his first trip.

All ready to go.


Austin and Drew tuckered after the ride hanging out by Lime Lake in Jackson.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

8 month update

Austin turned 8 months last week so I thought I would highlight some things he's been up to
  • Got his first cold and fever- requiring a trip to the doctor, but it just needed to run it course.
  • Weighed in at 21 lb. 14oz.
  • Rolling all over the room
  • Scooching on his belly a few scooches at a time to get things
  • Up on all fours, but not going anywhere
  • Moved out of his infant car seat to his "big boy" car seat
  • Exploring lots of new food- cheese, chicken, bread.  still loves yogurt and his purees
  • Pulling himself and up at standing for moments at a time, esp at his music station
  • Taking 2 naps usually and sometimes a third 6pm nap if he cant make it to bedtime
  • Bed time around 7.30p.  Usually nursing around 5-6am and then back to sleep until 8ish.

Mom's group

Here's a little look at play time during Mom's group at church.

Monday, April 20, 2009

sleepy time

las vegas gifts

Grandma Jo and Grandpa Greg just got back from Las Vegas and of course, spoiled our little guy (ps. we got a chip clip...haha!!!)

Wrong way Austin...
You lookin' at me?

Can't wait to see what is in the bag!


Papa took these pictures on Friday while I was at work.  I just found them on the camera this morning.
Check out his cute crocs

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Papa's birthday (April 2)

Voting Update...or lack of.

We are still waiting to hear if Austin made it to the top 20 of the Cutest Baby Contest.  Round 2 voting starts tomorrow, so hopefully they will make an announcement today.  Also, if you are in the Macomb Daily area, look in Sundays paper- the top 20 pictures will be in there!

Carrie's part 2

Austin got to hang out over at Carrie's again last week- here are the highlights...
He even made her blog... check it out here

Ready for American Idol


Showing off
Too sweet...look at those baby blues

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

play time

Uncle Ryan got this new toy for Austin.  He loves it!  I was impressed that he actually could put the toys on top of the "slide" and watch them go down.  

After he does that once or twice he usually pulls the whole toy on top of him.   What a guy!

Austin read his book and then told me all about Jesus and His story
No Austin, that peep is just plastic, its not for eating.