Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Go Chips

Hugs for MamaChippewas Buddies


Austin is almost 5 1/2 months now and still changing everyday.  He has had a lot of fun getting into the whole eating thing and tries to take anything that I am eating out of my hands and into his mouth.  Yesterday he got the banana that I was eating and started gnawing at it...a whole banana!  so i broke a piece off (i know, choking hazard...just wait) and let him chew and suck at it.  I was holding it until it got small (and wet) enough to slip out of my fingers right into his cute little throat!  I was ready to give him the Heimlich but a quick finger sweep did the trick!  ok, lesson learned.

Austin has quite the vocabulary, he has always been really loud, as many of you know, but lately his talking is getting quite good.  He has learned how to move his mouth as if he is really saying words, its the cutest thing to watch.

He's been moving a lot more too.  He loves to roll from his back to his tummy now and its hard to keep him on his back, esp. for a diaper change.  His sitting up is getting really good also and he has finally learned how to get his arms unstuck when he topples over.  so proud of you little guy.

Next on the food agenda is avocado and then some prunes, i think.

I made some squash and broccoli, but we'll save that for when he's a little older.

Monday, January 26, 2009

cheap toys

He would much rather be eating the chex mix than playing with his musical table.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Yoga Day

Today was National Yoga Day, so Austin and I went to Post Natal Yoga at St. Joes. He's working on his posture here. The class

Downward Dog with Mama (i think thats what they call it)

"Get away Mama"

Jack's place...ok Lexi lives there too

Sporting the mohawk from the other day in this jammies.
"Why is he yelling?:"

Austin and Micah

Buddies holding hands. Its cute when you're little.
This is Austin's buddy Micah from church.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

rockin' out

Austin rockin' out with his Papa and his friend Mike. Rockstar shirt with mohawk!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

photo shoot

Valentine's Day is around the corner so I thought I would try a little photo shoot! Cloth Diapers come in handy for things like this.

sweet potato lunch

Enjoy his first sweet potato lunch.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

sweet potato

Here goes nothing- the adventure of homemade baby food begins. Last week I had some ripe bananas so i pureed them up and froze them, but today was the started of my cooking homemade baby food!

I started with a simple sweet potato and peeled, cubed and steamed it up. Next I threw in it the blender with the water from steaming and pureed it.

Tomorrow is the taste test and then I'll freeze the rest. I'll report back.

hail mary

little guy looked like the virgin mary with the blanket around his head.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Secret Reader Challenge

OK, I often wonder if people even read my blog or not, but then I will be random places and people will say "The pics on your blog are so cute, funny, etc...." but I never even knew they saw them.

So - if you are one of those "secret readers"  I challenge you to leave one comment and just say hi so i know you are out there!

If you aren't a blogger, don't be scared, just click on the spot that says "comment" under the post.  You don't have to sign in or set up an account, just click on "anonymous" and type you comment in the box and submit like that.  Easy as pie!

Enjoy the challenge!

Henry Ford

Today Drew, Austin and I went to the Henry Ford Museum with my parents and sister. It was a "Target Day" so we even got in for free! They had live performances from local kids and lots of activities for kids to do. Although Austin is still too young to enjoy that much, he really had fun just looking around and watching everyone. Here are some pictures from the day.

Drew goofing around.

Check out these old RV's

Hot Dog

Our little hot dog

Look how strong Drew is...he was the only one to light all the bulbs up!

Diner at HFM

Old School McDonald's at HFM

Austin thought he was ready for a real meal at the diner now that he's a cereal pro!


Austin did really well hanging out in his "big boy stroller" He loved not being in his infant seat and could see everything that was going on. He barely even napped today because he didnt want to miss anything.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

New dipe

check out the cutie in his new dipe...


First food

Yesterday, Austin had another milestone- his first bowl of cereal. He loved it (like most new things we try). At first he just wanted to play with the spoon and bite down on it and he let the cereal just drool down his chin. After ahile, he really started eating it and had a ton of fun.
All ready for his first meal