Saturday, June 21, 2008

Milan Community Fair

I thought since I was promoting Ann Arbor's summer events, I surely couldn't overlook everything my wonderful city of Milan, MI has to offer.  Just 10 minutes south of Ann Arbor, Milan is easy to get to and there's always a good parking spot.
This coming week is the Milan community fair...

Highlights:  Parade on Wednesday night 6.25.08 at 6.30pm.  I will be there in the first parade, I can't wait!!!  
The biggest highlight of all are the fireworks on Friday night.  They really are great!  I was so surprised the first (and only) year I went.  Unfortunately, we'll be out of town again this year, but if you're here, I wouldn't miss 'em!

Summer time Fun!

I know not all of you live in the Ann Arbor area, but if so, or if you are looking for something fun to do, I would highly suggest checking out Ann Arbor's Summer Festival.  You can get all the info here....

but the jist is, every night there are local (and not so local) musical talents on the main stage and they show a movie during the week at night.  It runs until July 6th, so don't miss it!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Carpel Tunnel

So everything is going great with the pregnancy still except for my new ailment.  I am a carpel tunnel syndrome sufferer!  I have constant numbness, pain, and tingling in both hands now (started in just the left).  My hands have swollen to the point where they can no long expand any more.  They would burst if any more fluid was allowed!  My feet are starting to swell to, but that is still under control.  My OB sent me to a orthopod for help.  Yesterday, I received two cortisone injections (one in each wrist) that is supposed to help.  It should take about 3-5 days for relief to come, i hope i am on the day 2 plan!  so far not much difference, although my left hand is better, but my right hand is much worse.  The doctor did say he was near the tendons in the right hand, so i am hoping they are just sore and will get better.  I also sleep with wrists splints.  Drew thinks it is funny to call me his little rollerblader when he gets home.

Other than that, things are well.  I met with the pediatricians last week and really liked the practice.  It was like a mini interview panel, but i think it is great to get a chance to pick your doctor like that.  We also went on the hospital tour.  I work at the hospital i am delivering at, but it was really good for Drew to see the LDR and patients rooms and kind of see what will go on when its "go time."  It is getting a lot closer, 50 days left!

need a gift idea?

Normally I would be snuggling into bed by this time, but something about a 2 hour rare nap that i got to take after work is having me feel awfully awake.  I thought i would share a new idea with you.

Now, this isn't really my idea (but those that came up with it are choosing not to take credit) so i will claim it!  Those of you with spouses or significant others know that sometimes it is hard to buy a gift for them.  You spend so much time with that person and a lot of times if either of you need or even just want something, you just go out and buy it, well here is a creative idea.  (sorry it wasn't in time for Father's day).

How about a "Get out of jail free card".  Now the premise behind this is that next time your man "messes" up, they can whip out their card and they are "out free".  No nagging, no yelling, no being mad... you just have to let it go.  Now there would have to be boundaries for this MEN, you can't go abusing your card and purposely do something that would make your lady mad just to use your card.  

The card should be used for HONEST mistakes.  We all know that men aren't perfect, often don't listen, but sometimes they just plain forget.  Some acceptable examples for card usage would be:  forgetting that birthday or anniversary card, coming home way too late from guys night, or not doing some sort of "chore" (hint...cutting the grass- ok, that's just a personal issue right now :)

So ladies, let me know what you think, and if you like the idea, spread the word.  For the sake of our men out there, they deserve to be cut a little slack.  Plus its free!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

little Holt

We got a great ultrasound picture last week...  the baby is looking at you, right eye on top and that is a hand below the cheek...too cute!

God's paintbrush

Isn't God so good?  Look at these beautiful sights he has blessed us with...
This one was just prior to our loss of power Friday, it is a little harder to see the beauty that left us without power for a day!


Monday, June 9, 2008

an awww... moment

Like every night, I called Drew before I went to bed last night(he works afternoons so i am usually sleeping before he gets home).  So we talked for a few and then he asked me, "How good are you at bending over?"  Inside my head I got defensive and figured he was referring to my ever growing belly and was being a wise ass.  I continued to ask him why he was asking that question and then he said "because i want you to lean over and kiss baby good night for me"  
Ok, all at once..."aww, that is so cute"
Its moments like that, that really make you love the one your with.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

good friends

Fellow pole vaulter Jen and her 9month old Madison
Becky won the "cut the piece of ribbon to estimate Jen's belly"  Needless to say, not one person underestimated the size!  thanks guys... 

Our little one is a Chippewa already!

Stephanie, myself and Kristin at Cady's

MHVI gang... MaryBeth, Kristin, me, Stephanie, Becky and Heather

CMU Gang and ol' roomies... Tarah, Laura, me, Jenny and Danielle
Tarah flew in all the way from New York and Jenny and Laura took the train in from Chicago... This looks like a fashion shoot...


The power came back on yesterday!!!!  Yeah...  Thanks for all the kind sympathy words  :)

Saturday, June 7, 2008

no power...

what did we ever do before electricity? man, could i ever use some tips from my great, great, great whoever who lived in the days before power! Last night after threats of tornadoes and storms, we got ours. Not a tornado, but an awfully wicked thunderstorm that whipped through the streets on Milan, hitting ours with severity (ok, i am being dramatic, but it was a big storm). First it started by our Dish service being interrupted, annoying enough, but that lead to flickering of lights and eventually a fuzzy TV and then NO POWER! We were hoping it would just last a few minutes but then quickly realized that was only a hope. Reality is that is is 3.01 pm, 18 hours after the storm and still no power...

Now, living in a house without A/C has challenges of its own, but living in one without power is pretty much impossible. If we had a thermostat upstairs, i am sure it would have read triple digits yesterday. It was about 85 degrees downstairs with all the doors and windows open (after the storm tore through). Our 5 ceiling fans and other regular fans make life on Ideal street fairly pleasant even in the heat of summer, but not so much if you cant use them. The worst part was that Drew had just put in the window AC unit for our bedroom (well, that turned out to be pointless).

We were miserable. We sat on the porch in our underwear, haha, we really did, we were so hot we didnt even care, and watched what was left of the rain. We mainly just stared with envy across the street at all the houses with power! Yes, the storm, picked us out, it had something against the south side of our street! We ended up sleeping on the sofa sleeper with everything open downstairs. This was after Drew serenaded me with his guitar (still in his underwear) and a oil lamp lit! Surprisingly I slept just fine, but poor Drew was awakened by every car and train that went by.

This morning, I took a turn for the worst, I was upset the power wasnt back and and just assumed everything would be ok when i woke up. I did some chores and got some ice for the freezer and then had a mental breakdown, the heat was getting to me, i couldnt stop sweating and i was swelling by the minute. I decided AC was the way to go, so i packed up some clothes, headed to the gym where i could also finally take a shower and off to Panera bread i went. I am currently much happier. I have full power, AC and non swollen extremities!

I wonder how long until they kick me out?

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Andrew and I had another ultrasound today and everything is A-OK!  The placenta is out of the way of the cervix and the baby's head is down looking over to the right side, so that is all good news.  I haven't heard from the doctor yet, but the ultrasound tech seemed very certain everything looked great.  She can estimate the baby's weight by taking measurements of the thigh bone, abdomen and head and she said the baby "weighs" 4lb2oz already!  what a chunker!  She even showed us one picture and said you could see "rolls" on the baby's side, i thought that was cute.  So as for now, Baby Holt is doing great.

Baby Shower

Well I had my socks blessed off (it sounds funny when you say it that way) this weekend with a baby shower that my mother had for me.  Everything was adorable and her love was shining through all her (and many others) hard work.  Thank you everyone!
I decided to give out a few awards!
Most Creative Wrapping
Best Helpers

Best "non-registry" gift!  (i know the tag is in the way, but it is an adorable Tigers Tee)

Adorable Jungle Cake

Best Mom and Sister a girl could ever want!