Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Roos Roast

Ok, i just have to give a local shout out to this sweet, local, fair trade coffee maker/car salesman/artist that I met on yesterday.

Drew and I have been searching for a new car and Monday night....we found it...

we bought a grocery getter, and yes, we think we are the coolest people around. We found a Subaru Forester that we fell in love with. Here it is...minus the tinted windows and just to answer any questions you might have, that is indeed our house in the background.

So this leads me to our wonderful salesman John Roos. He is pretty much the most atypical salesman ever, but none the less, the perfect fit for us. Although very persuasive, it actually felt fun to shell over so much money to this guy, like he deserved to sell us our car. So not only does he sell Subaru's, he is an artist and coffee guru. I strongly encourage you to check out his website if you are in the market for cars, art or local fair trade coffee. And if you arent in the mood for any of those, check it out anyway, its worth a glance. http://www.roosroast.com/

I strongly believe in the power of spreading praise by word of mouth and this experience was worth some spreading so there you have it...

Sunday, January 27, 2008


i love loud music at church.  That way i can sing as loud as i want and no one will hear me.  i know a lot of people that say "i cant sing at all, or i cant even carry a tune in a bucket" but we all know that they blend in just fine in a crowd.  me on the other hand, i really cant sing.  the cool thing is, i am OK with it.  God has blessed us all with different talents and hey, i just cant sing.  simple as that.  I used to always think "i wish i could sing" even just enough to join a choir or something, but then this one night i had a dream and i was singing and i had the most beautiful voice.  So perfect, better than Celine Dion...i was a star (not really i was just at church)  but anyway God told me in my dream that this is what my singing sounds to him every time i worship.  Since that day i just don't care, i know i cant sing, but who cares, because i am better than good 'ol Celine to God.  If only I had His ears... 

 So anyway, thanks Rich for rocking out at church today, watching you lead worship puts a smile on my face, it is like i can see God through you with your passion.  

and thanks for the "loudness", that way i don't have to listen to my own voice  :)

snot face

oh man, i usually pride myself in being Mrs. healthy, i never get sick, no germ can knock me down.  well obviously the little one inside of me is demanding an awful lot of my attention and immunity and i am just not the Germ fighter i used to be.  so what started on Thursday as a sore throat, on Friday a cough and loss of most of my voice, turned into snot faucet on Saturday and has leveled off as much the same today.  Oh boy, i cant wait to go to work tomorrow.  I really don't mean to sound like such a wimp, because all in all i know i could feel much worse and i am so happy to have an appetite that i would take a cold over the nausea any day!  I also found out some friends of mine are all pregnant, they are all just ahead of me (that doesn't seem fair) but none the less, very exciting!  I will share more on that once i get the A-OK.  Also, a friend from college is pregnant and due the date after me.  Although she is in Arizona, it has been fun to keep in touch in this new journey for both of us.  The crazy thing is that she got pregnant on her wedding night!  oops...

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Baby Holt

I'm gonna have a baby!

I thought i would fill you in on the exciting news! Baby Holt is due to arrive on Aug. 7th, so that makes me 11 weeks right now :)

Here is a pic of our "little spud" its s/he precious!
I also published some new posts from earlier on when the secret wasnt out yet, so scroll down and find 'em!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

eat, pray, love

moved on to a new book, Eat, Pray, Love...a bit more serious than the last, but so far it is very inspiring. I saw the author on Oprah one day and she had inspired so many women. I decided it was the perfect gift to give to my aunt for Christmas.... Awfully risking considering i hadn't read it yet, but it seemed safe. Well, last week i was feeling guilty and thought i should give it a shot, so i hustled down to the Milan Public Library (i am a big supporter of the library) and put myself on the wait list for it. I figured that was a good sign if people were actually waiting to read it...So far so good. The author basically took a "year off" and traveled to 3 countries in search of "herself" after a terrible divorce, romance and battle with depression. She is currently in Italy (in the book, of course) and has decided to learn Italian because she feels it is the most perfect language and the answer to her loneliness...I'll keep you posted as to where she goes next.

the underdog conquers!!!

ok, let me preface this my saying, i am not claiming to be an NFL expert, but merely a sports fan sharing her opinion. For some reason this seemed like the perfect day to basically sit and watch football all day, except for the dosing in and out, and the occasional burst of energy off the couch to eat some food!
Today was the day for the underdog.
Now, of course all of these teams earned themselves spots in the playoffs, so by no means are we talking David v. Goliath here, but none the less there is always a favorite in a game. I always like to cheer for the underdog, it seems to feel so good to watch people raise up and conquer. Although these men all make plenty of money to play, I do believe that some of them are still kids at heart and play for the love of the game (i am sure the paycheck doesn't hurt). A friend of Drew's (that he played high school football with) is a kicker for the Chargers. I always tend to jump on that teams bandwagon. Ironic that he played for the Colts 2 years ago... So it was very rewarding to see them upset Indy. To see the Giants run on to the field after the game with smiles from ear to ear really does bring back some of the "wholesomeness" to the game (is football even supposed to be wholesome? probably not...) Interesting how both these teams played last week. Maybe that first round bye isnt all its cracked up to be. anyway, maybe Eli will get his turn to shine this year. Down with Peyton, maybe 2008 belongs to Eli.

Friday, January 11, 2008


i have been so lame lately.
nothing to say, but i just realized i havent written anything in 10 days...
so here i am writing, writing nothingness. I am going to be inspired soon.
i can feel it coming.
just wait....
i am ready a very funny book right now called Belly Laughs by Jenny McCarthy
highly recommend it if you are needing a good laugh, and you are a women and can sensor a bit of "rawness". good stuff...gonna go finish it now.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008


happy new year everyone! this girl was up until 330am last night...I think i am still sleeping right now...i need a nap.