Wednesday, June 18, 2008

need a gift idea?

Normally I would be snuggling into bed by this time, but something about a 2 hour rare nap that i got to take after work is having me feel awfully awake.  I thought i would share a new idea with you.

Now, this isn't really my idea (but those that came up with it are choosing not to take credit) so i will claim it!  Those of you with spouses or significant others know that sometimes it is hard to buy a gift for them.  You spend so much time with that person and a lot of times if either of you need or even just want something, you just go out and buy it, well here is a creative idea.  (sorry it wasn't in time for Father's day).

How about a "Get out of jail free card".  Now the premise behind this is that next time your man "messes" up, they can whip out their card and they are "out free".  No nagging, no yelling, no being mad... you just have to let it go.  Now there would have to be boundaries for this MEN, you can't go abusing your card and purposely do something that would make your lady mad just to use your card.  

The card should be used for HONEST mistakes.  We all know that men aren't perfect, often don't listen, but sometimes they just plain forget.  Some acceptable examples for card usage would be:  forgetting that birthday or anniversary card, coming home way too late from guys night, or not doing some sort of "chore" (hint...cutting the grass- ok, that's just a personal issue right now :)

So ladies, let me know what you think, and if you like the idea, spread the word.  For the sake of our men out there, they deserve to be cut a little slack.  Plus its free!


Dave Gerhart said...

I love it! Do they come in packs like season tickets? [grin]

Rebekah said...

What? Me aren't perfect? They don't listen? They forget? [cracking up]

Cute idea!