Sunday, May 31, 2009


Austin was having way too much fun in Oxford and didnt really want to nap.  He finally feel asleep in the car on the way to dinner so Andrew decided to take the WHOLE car seat in with us.  I must admit, I thought it was a odd, but I ended up being great...we just put him under the table until he woke up.

Oh sweet you are.

We had the honor of meeting our new nephew on Friday, Welcome Miles!

Uncle Drew was showing the new mom and Dad how to work the "miracle blanket"

Proud new Dad with Miles and Austin and I

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Thanks Aunt Pat

Aunt Pat let us take her brand new van up to the trailer...Austin was riding like a king!


Austin really liked Molly, Uncle D and Aunt Sue's dog

Detroit sports over the campfire

This is what happens when the Tigers and Wings play and we all want to watch but can't all fit in the trailer.

Austin couldn't quite see the TV

Monday, May 25, 2009

Cool but sunny

Although it was cool on Sunday, it was really sunny and Andrew forgot his hat.
He first tried the BBQ lid...
and then Grandpa Jim let him borrow a hat...

Fun playing with GUD

caught off guard

When you take the picture on 2...
When you take the picture on 3...


The rest of the Garavaglia gang drove up to the trailer to surprise Grandma Elsie right on her 80th birthday...and boy was she surprised!

Waiting for the surprise...

A chilly day waiting to surprise Great Grandma for her 80th birthday party.

pooped on

A little birdie got Austin back for all the times Austin has pooped on us!

Saturday, May 23, 2009


Austin had a lot of first's today.... He went to his first kids birthday party to help Bella celebrate her 3rd birthday and had a ton of fun.  He had ribs and baked beans for dinner (both firsts) and then had his first trampoline experience.  He thought it was SO funny when Jack jumped and made him laugh.

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Mama: Austin, I am watching Oprah...please dont turn the TV off

Austin: oh yeah, watch me
Mama: Please!
Austin:  what?  did you say something?

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

whats going on at 9 months?

Recap of month 9
  • Really moving these days.  Has mastered army crawling and will crawl a few feet on hands and knees.
  • Pulls himself up on EVERYTHING, eventually falls, and pulls himself right back up
  • Can sit back up from lying down
  • Enjoys most food and we are starting to give him more "real" food and less baby food.
  • First TOOTH!  Its still working its way up, but its almost here.
  • Weighed 24 lb 3oz at his check up and was 29 inches.
  • Starting to be more "expressive" when you take something away that he wanted.
  • Has the cutest little pouty lips when he is a unhappy camper
  • Taking 2 naps per day, usually mid morning and early afternoon
  • Bed around 7pm and sleeps until 6ish, nurses and back to bed until 8ish.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

first hair brushing

Today Grandma asked if she could brush Austin's hair.  I have never done it, but she was really excited about it.  Here are the results.

Thank you GAR and GAG

Austin's Great uncle Greg and Great aunt Rose sent Austin this cute baseball Tshirt and a cute monkey pen!  He didn't know what do at first because it didn't have Tigers on it so he cried...
but then I explained that he had to be polite and wear it-  because his aunt and uncle live in  St. Louis they don't know how great the Tigers are and the only thing they have are the Cardinals.  I had to give him his Michigan hat and then he was much happier.

Hats off to ya...

Jordan's visit

Our friend from college, Jordan, came to visit this past week
Jordan and his Dad

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Sporting his new shirt straight from Las Vegas

Story Time with Papa

Andrew and Austin reading the new book Austin got for his 9th month birthday from Grammy and Grandpa Bob

new face

It's kind of hard tell but Austin loves to make this new face with his top lip sucked in and then he smacks his lips.  Its hard to catch on camera...

Go Horsey Go!

Austin's first "horsey ride" with Grandpa Greg