Friday, February 22, 2008

doped up.

I have been a poor blogger lately...I apologize to my avid readers (ok, reader!) Anyway, Andrew had his ENT surgery (good-bye crooked septum!) today and things well really well. He should be able to breathe through his nose (something very new to him) soon. So, I am currently "nursing him" back to health and he is enjoying the relief of the pain meds at good ol' St. Joes. He is spending the night and will then go home in the morning. It is really funny because they are giving him meds about every 3 hours and soon after he is completely forgetful and usually falls asleep in the middle of channel flipping, and on occasion, in the middle of his sentences. Well, the patient is calling, I should go...
I vow to be a better writer.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

gaining weight...

my grandpa had cancer. HAD is the key word. he successfully beat it again (with some help from above) and is doing good, but he lost about 25 lbs. along the way. he is down to 138#, much too low for a 5'9" man. so i made him a little deal. I told him we were going to have a contest and see who will weigh the most by August. I figured that was about fair since the Doc told him he needs to gain those 25 lbs. back. Now i have a clear advantage with this little one growing in me, increasing my appetite and he is fighting the desire to want to eat at all, but either way, the challenge is on the table. we havent set a prize yet, but i think i'll take the cake (literally) :) if nothing else hopefully he'll pack on a few.