Saturday, January 22, 2011


One of the reasons I wanted to start this blog, besides sharing pictures with all of  you, was to remember the little things and the big milestones.  I wanted a place to look back and remember when he did what and where and with who.  Needless to say, I haven't done a great job of typing.  Here is an attempt and playing check up.

About a month ago, we moved Austin into his "big boy bed" at about 27 months.  As usual, we thought this would be a big transition, but he took to it like a champ and loved his new bed.  He is free to roam and play and does a good job of occupying himself and still going to bed within a reasonable time.  He quickly learned how to open the door so we had to put a safety knob on, which he also mastered in no time, but after I acted like it just broke and I fixed it, he hasn't attempted another escape.

At 18 months, the Dr. thought we should have him evaluated for a speech delay/learning disorder and we've spent the last year seeing various people through county and city programs which have all been great.  It turns out, he was just a little slow to get going with formal words, but his language has really taken off and he was just officially "kicked out" of the early on program since he was doing so well.  He even scored slightly above average on his most recent evaluation of speech and understanding!  We hope to have him in some sort of pre school program in the fall.  He has a good vocabulary and I'm able to piece together his sentences and interpret to most others... He knows his numbers to ten and with a little coaxing can say them in order.  His ABC song currently sounds like this "a, b, c next time sing me"  so that needs a little work :)

Our schedule has stayed the same since moving to South Lyon this summer.  Andrew is home with him on Thursdays and Fridays when I work and I am home the rest of the week.  Friday is story time at the library and the boys head out of various field trips when they are together.  Austin went bowling a couple of weeks ago for the first time and scored a 42.  They also love Wal Mart and were recently parked 2 cars down from a crime scene in the parking lot.  Austin loves lights and sirens, so he was so excited when they came out of the store.

Austin is still into cars, trucks, airplanes, helicopters....anything with an engine.  He loves to "pick out" a truck or two to take with him anywhere, including bed time.  He also loves anything Toy Story and has replaced Elmo with "monkey george" Aka Curious George as his new top favorite.  Elmo is still a close second.

He has recently started expressing preferences.  He loves to pick out his diapers, with green diapers and the moo cow diaper being his favorites (we are still using cloth).  He also likes to have a say in his clothes, socks and jammies (which he have to change into at nap time too!)

Austin continues to be a good sleeper and usually takes about a 3 hour nap.  He goes to be around 8 and is usually up around 7.30am ready for yummy oatmeal.

Mornings consist of oatmeal or milkandcereal (one word if you asked him) and he loves fruit, yogurt, breads, milk, hot dogs, and anything that he can dip (even celery!)  He is becoming more open to trying new things and even ate some salad the other day and tried shrimp today.

He continues to be a big guy and is still in the 95th percentile for both height and weight.

Austin loves going to baby sisters appts with me and thinks Dr. D is very cool.  Austin does the best impression of the ultrasound doppler that we hear small fry's heart rate with.

A few times a week we go to some sort of bible study/church/moms group meeting which all get referred to as "kids church" in his mind.  He loves all the different kids and is going a pretty good job sharing and playing with others.  Wednesday nights are his favorite because my friend Heather's daughter, Hannah, who just turned 6 is there.  Austin is just smitten over her, they are the cutest.  In the fall, Austin had his first sleepover when Hannah needed to stay with us while her mom worked.  What a stud!

I guess that sums Austin up for now, we'll see if I can remember an update before he turns 3!

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