Saturday, January 22, 2011

Small Fry

I am feeling very guilty for neglecting Small Fry (as named by my sister, aka Aunt Chuck) on the blog lately.  I thought I would share a little update to her progress.

Small Fry has been cooking for 33.5 weeks now and it still projected to enter the world around March 8th. According to google she's as big as a pineapple (19 inches and about 4.5 lbs.)  She continues to get great check ups at the doctor every other week and her heart rate has been between 140 and 150 bpm.  We've been seeing a lot of Dr. D (who delievered Austin) but they all rotate so we wont know who will deliver small fry until she's ready to come out.  Dr. D seems to think she is head down so that leads me to believe that she is very smart and already knows her way out.

She's very active and loves to move all around, especially after a good meal and dessert!

We (one of us is doing a much better job than the other, Andrew!) are keeping the name a secret until she is born, but she is named and loved very much already.

Here is a in progress picture of small fry's room.  Its still in the works....

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heather reed said...

i LOVE the sherbert orange wall! such a cute room already :)