Saturday, July 26, 2008

again and again

I may just be growing increasingly impatient, but along with that is coming irritability.  I am becoming annoyed with others telling me how I feel.  I want to say "excuse me, but are you the one carrying around this basketball with you, trying to sleep with it, function with it and move it so it doesn't push on your bladder so hard that you just walk around peeing on the floor all day?"

but i don't say any of the above things, because although most of these people had their kids 30 years ago, they seem to remember and know "exactly" how I feel, and are just trying to offer their words of advice and encouragement.

Lately I seem to have this exact conversation about 27 times per day.

Person: "Oh wow.. Look at you, when are you due?"
Me: "12 days, August 7th" (or some variety of that)

Person:  "You look so ..." (fill in blank here- great, huge, tiny, like you've dropped, not dropped and many other responses of that variety)
Me: "Thanks... I feel really good, just getting excited"

Person: "So, do you know what you are having"
Me:  "No, we decided not to find out, we wanted the surprise"
Person:  "Good for you!"  (everyone says that, who determined it was "not good" to find out the gender?)

Person:  "Do you have names picked out?"
Me: "Not yet, we are still deciding"  (even if we did, would i want to tell you?  you are a stranger)
Person:  "Well you should probably decide on one, the baby is almost here"
Me: (Thinking: wow, what a great idea, i didn't think that my baby should have a name) but saying  "yeah, you're right.  We really do need to decide"

and then that happens over and over... I should just wear a sign with the above dialouge.

I know this may sound a little rude and I know people only ask because they care and love babies, but I only have 12 days left (ok, probably more) and I feel like venting, so I vent.  Yesterday I felt like ice cream, so I ate ice cream!


Laura said...

I remember avoiding church when I was past my due date with Madalyn because I just COULD NOT endure the questions of "When are you do again? Oh, you're OVERDUE? Oh, my, well, let's hope the baby comes soon!" I think I would have punched someone at that point, so I kept my distance. My mom did come over and tell me about someone who had just delivered EARLY when I was 5 days overdue. But I couldn't punch her since she is my mom :) Hang in there! You're looking beautiful! Kudos for going to a!

Rebekah said...

LOL. I love you. And believe me I UNDERSTAND annoying questions! For sanity sake, I hope you pop that baby out sooner than later! :)

amy said...

looks like that waterpark was SO much fun! enjoy this time with drew and the ability to go out and do whatever you want!! i miss that so much! i totally hear you about the comments - i am sure there is some special grace god wants to give us to handle these inevitable comments but at the end of pregnancy i couldn't seem to conjure any up (:

Laura said...

One more thing, yes, Amy has a GREAT point...lay on the couch, ENJOY being able to watch a whole movie uninterrupted, etc. You will miss those things! As far as the burp cloths...sell? Please! I'm not that talented :). Tell you what, once you deliver, you can be my guinea pig and I'll send you some boy or girl-themed ones! You'll have to e-mail me your address!

Josh and Kate plus 1 said...

I LOVE the way you wrote that! I think anyone who's been pregnant can relate! Can't wait to see pics of the little cutie. We'll be praying for a smooth delivery & for a baby who sleeps! =) We're so excited for you guys!