Sunday, July 6, 2008

Holt Visit

Things have been very busy lately...Sorry for the lack of posts.
Here is what we've been up to.
Hanging out with the Family.... Topher, Heather and the boys were in town last week, we had so much fun with them.
This is Landon born 12.26.08

Laura, Bry and I at Red Knapps

Braeden eating Papa's Birthday cake

Sleepy time for Landon


Rebekah said...

Love the pictures--especially the cow diaper! I'll have to get some!

Rachael said...


Wow, you're baby's almost here!!! Enjoy your last month of pregnancy...(I actually loathed being pregnant while I was in the thick of it) but now that baby Nya is here...I really miss the belly. Odd how that happened! As you've seen, we, uhhh, have a giant "Stewey-the-Stork" available for your front lawn when baby comes...ha! :O) (And tell Andy hi for me!!)
Love, Rachael (Bek's sister)

Dave Gerhart said...

Love thye cow diapers! I though of Rebekah when I saw them...