Wednesday, July 9, 2008


i am getting tired, so i thought i would write in "bullets" instead of paragraphs tonight.

  • really excited for the baby
  • anxious to get the room ready
  • overwhelmed by the amount of "stuff" i still need to sort through and find a home for
  • like i could pop my feet and ankles with a needle and lose 5+ lbs. of fluid
  • really excited for the baby
  • anxious to find out if baby holt is a boy or girl
  • excited to finally know the feeling of holding your child for the first time
  • grateful to have such support from Drew
  • so appreciative of all his hard work (i think he is "nesting" before me!)
  • looking forward to checking the mail each day waiting for cloth diapers and room decor.
  • did i mention really excited for the baby?
  • blessed to have such incredible family and friends
  • excited to close my eyes on my pillow now...


Laura said...

What a precious, precious time. Enjoy every second. Lay on the couch and do nothing and ENJOY every second :). Because those quiet moments are what I miss (although the trade off is well worth it!)

Rebekah said...

It is easy to be anxious over all the unknowns. I pray that this time goes by quickly and that you get a good chunk of your to-do list done, while waiting!