Thursday, September 4, 2008

Busy Day.

Today was quite the adventure.  We started with lunch at Olive Garden.  I thought we'd be safe since Austin had just eaten and is usually pretty sleepy in the early part of the day, but sure enough as soon as the food came, he woke up and made sure everyone knew he was awake!  The waitress brought the bill right away and said "just in case you need to leave quickly"  I think what she really meant was "why don't you take your screaming kid somewhere else"  haha, he ended up being fine and we had a nice lunch.  

We then headed to the mall where he went through 3 diapers in 5 minutes.  I didnt even get him off the changing table the one time.  I guess that should teach me not to rush when he is doing his "business."  That comes to my next question- Is there a rule on etiquette 
for changing diapers in public?  I really want to just plop him down in an area that had chairs where we were sitting, but i felt like i need to go to a restroom.  Advice please!  

After that we went to Best Buy and Drew got a few new PS2 games (thank you rewards zone!) and off to make a return at Toys R us and Drew got his weights at Dunhams.  He has set up a really nice gym in the garage (pics to come!)

"Mom- Please stop taking my picture!

Austin is pooped out mid way through a day at the mall.  We had eaten lunch at Olive Garden already, but little did he know we still had stops to make at Best Buy, Toys R us and Dunhams!

Our little Athlete...I wonder what he'll end up playing?


Laura said...

I always felt the same way about the diaper changing always seems easier and cleaner to just pick a spot other than the bathroom when they are so little. While I don't know the exact etiquette :), my theory was always if you can find a private spot and block everything off from view, go for it!

Anonymous said...

What if you change him on a chair for sale in a store and he pees on it? Do you have to buy it? Do you tell the store? Or do you just leave quickly and let the next person shopping for chairs discover it?