Sunday, September 14, 2008


My parents had a birthday bash for me on friday, but really it was an excuse for everyone to get together to meet/see Austin.  Andrew's parents were there, along with all of my side and Austin got to meet my Aunt Carol and cuz Vicki.  We spent two nights at my parents and once again Austin did great.  We were a little worried about Thursday night since my parents had to work on Friday, but Austin didnt make a peep.   I guess we'll be invited back.

Yesterday marked 4 weeks already.  Time really does go fast.  Its the
 little things that still make me smile.  I love to watch him wake up or fall asleep and see him roll his eyes, smile and make these really funny faces with
 his lips.  He is too cute for words.  He is so strong- holding his head up and using his leg muscles all the time.  

At the doctor the other day he was 12 lbs already!  Holy cow.  My mom and I attempted to measure him and he was about 24.5 inches.  In just 4 weeks he has grown almost 3lbs. and 2inches!  I hope things back down a bit or we are going to set some records.  He's just perfect though  :)

Its amazing what a difference a few seconds can make.

My side-from L toR... My mom, me, Andrew, my sister Michelle (w/Austin) and My dad.


Rebekah said...

Love the picture of Drew and Austin BOTH crying!! :)

Laura said...

Happy, happy birthday! Hope Austin picked out a nice gift for Mommy :)!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Jen! And, you look FABULOUS, especially since you were pregnant a month ago :0)
- Nicole