Sunday, September 7, 2008


Today we ventured to our church for the first time with Austin.  SUCCESS!  He did great, I fed him once, but other than that, he hung out, listened to the worship music and had a blast (yes, he told me that).  It is funny how a lot of people are surprised how much he have done already with him, but i guess to me, we dont know anything else.  

Before we decided to have kids, I really said that we would just incorporate Austin into our lives and things we do (within reason of course) and i have really tried to stay true to that.  We've been having a blast so far.

Drew also went back to work yesterday so that was a big change but we did well.  It was a little harder getting Austin to bed (Drew has been in charge of night time duty the past 3 weeks) but we did alright, he was asleep around 11.30pm and slept until 5!  what a champ.

Today was a big bottle day as we introduced a bottle to AA.  He did OK with it, but i am not really sure that we gave him enough breast milk.  I think our little porker needs  a little more.  Drew was in charge of that and had some good bonding time.

We also have been trying out slings and carriers and AA hung out in the baby bjorn in the AM and it currently snoozing in a borrowed NOJO sling.  Thanks Eva!  I think he really likes the sling.

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Josh and Kate plus 1 said...

So glad things are going so well for you guys & you're enjoying your little AA. It'll just keep getting better & better! =) I have a friend who uses a sling & her little guy LOVES it! She still uses it with him & he's 6 months old already. I never had one, but I think I want one for my next one.
Have a great day Jen!