Sunday, May 25, 2008

bike riding

at times i feel a little sad that i dont have any big adventures coming up this summer.  This is prime time "racing" season and usually i would have already done a half marathon or two with a triathlon around the corner.  Not this year, my friends, i have a whole different adventure ahead of me...Parenthood!  although i am very excited about that, i do with i could lace up my shoes or jump on my bike and enjoy this wonderful weather.  Last year i rode across the state on my bike with a group called PALM and a great friend from work, Carol.  I just came across an article in the Ann Arbor News about a trail from D.C to Pittsburgh and i was thinking about our ride from last summer, so i got out the journal i wrote and thought i would share some of the entries

Day one June 23, 2007

so the adventure begins, we arrived a brairwood amll, assuming we were prepared and of course, we were not.  we couldnt't get our pedals off the night before like we were supposed to, but the guy in charge pardoned us.  next- we were also supposed to put our handle bars "at a right angle"  well we thought that just meant turn the bars and tape them at a right angle or something like that.  well, we sure were informed.  so after waiting for the bus and meeting a nice aa man we began our journey to spring lake, MI.  we caught on tot he gist of things by watching people and got camp set up.  The people of the bus were interesting, there was Mrs. Eager who just needed a Ritalin to calm down, then the female "couple" (who went to the bike shop before we left and had everything done right), then mr. msu, a family that came all the way from Colorado and had an infant with them and an assortment of others, including myself and carol (the coolest of course).  

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