Sunday, May 25, 2008

sunday, june 24th 2007

PALM cont.

i've had to pee since 3.30am, i never got up.  birds have been awake since 5am, carol and jen awake at 6am (not sure why i am writing in 3rd person).    we met a nice lady at breakfast who signed up with 4 lady friends too late and now she is alone on the ride.  we also met a tandem couple who are on year 13 (they are at least 70 years old).  the old stories are fun to hear.  there was a tornado years ago!  back to packing up the tent, round 1.  God, thank you for your guidance and protection for us and all the riders.  please help all the drivers to be awake.  

The SAG support has been great.  i got hit in the face with a butterfly and saw a  llama.  day 1 of biking is over, the ride to rockford was nice, a few hills - actually a few more than "a few".  back at the middle school the search for our bags was pretty easy since most all were here before us.  camp is in the end zone of the football field.  

oh no- we have a nearby snorer tonight.  

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