Sunday, May 25, 2008

june 26th 2007

PALM journal cont...

NO oatmeal at bfast today!  the nice bike man made some adjustments on my bike so now i can shift in my favorite gear.  today is supposed to be really hot and humid, i am a little worried about hydration.  oh well- just have to keep drinking and peeing.  a nice boy took our luggage to the truck for us.  that was very helpful as we camped a little ways out with only a few other tents.  we were on the road a little earlier today.  up at 5.45am and packed up before bfast and were on the road before 8.  today we went to the dairy capital of the WORLD!  Elsie, MI! we took pictures with the sign, the cow, just about whatever said Elsie on it.  went to call my grandma Elsie, but still no service.  we went to Elsie's pizza place for lunch and of course, ice cream (a daily fixture). 
thinking of "no arms and legs jokes"  ex.  "what do you a call a guy with no arms and no legs sitting on a table in a vase"  answer:  BUD!  haha, too funny, huh?  tomorrow is our first century ride (100 mile day!)

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