Wednesday, August 20, 2008


i know i have been bad about posting and emailing, but i wanted everyone to know we are still alive...barely!  last night was rough, but today and tonight are going SO much better...i think he is getting the hang of eating and sleeping with some routine...

also, we got peed on for the first time tonight...i thought those of you with boys would get a smile out of that!

ok, AA is zonked, we're gonna try and catch some ZZZ's

Thank you everyone for all the phone calls, emails and prayers...they are so needed and welcomed.  Not to mention the "unsolicited" advice, it is great, and so helpful.  Its the words of encouragement that helped get me through yesterday...Thank you!

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Anonymous said...

Congrats Friends! No advise just prayers for sleep and speedy recovery. Any time you need someone new to hold that little sweetie let us know. Blessings.

Tracy and Elizabeth