Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Miracle Blanket

A good friend of my swears by this blanket and in hopes of ending these sleepless/barely sleeping nights, we ordered one!  She said her son, less than 3 months, has been sleeping 9 hours at night.  Now I am not going to be picky and will clearly settle on a 4 hour stretch.  I cant wait to straight jacket Austin to sleep!  My hopes are that it really is the "miracle" it claims to be.  Cant wait to report back.

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Laura said...

Ooooo...what's it called? Looks fancy :)! I know one of our favorites was from Babies R Us and was along the same idea...just made of fleece and would velcro closed so Maddy couldn't wiggle out. I used to strap that thing so tight :). It did help her sleep. Even though I perfected the art of swaddling with receiving blankets while working in L & D, I still recommend these swaddle blankets and used 'em myself.