Wednesday, August 27, 2008

car adventure

Today made my debut driving solo with Austin.  We only ventured about a mile from the house to "Mom's Group" through our church, but nonetheless it was a big trip.  I wasn't worried about driving, it was more just wondering what i was going to do by myself if he had a meltdown, blowout or some other even that i wasn't prepared for.  To my surprise, he was a perfect angel.  He screamed until i put him in the car, but then he settled down, slept through all of the small group and we even went to CVS real quick.  The funniest part was when i panicked because I didn't know how to get the car seat out of the car.  I was so embarrassed (this has been Drew's job so far) but then pulled myself together and found the giant orange button that you push for "easy release"  It was a big confidence booster.  

Our friends Carol and Heather are coming over soon for dinner and to hang out with Austin (who by the way slept much better last night and let mom sleep from 3.30p-730am!)

Tomorrow is our 2 week check up (a couple of days early) so I cant wait to see how much the little porker weighs!


Rebekah said...

You crack me up! That would totally be me with the car seat...glad you found the kid-size button--I'll remember that!

Laura said...

Jen, I TOTALLY did the same thing! I remember that panicy (sp?) feeling...the first time I did the grocery store by myself, I called my mom and Andrea beforehand, begging either of them to come with me! Both were busy, so I braved it. I remember literally having butterflies! :) It gets easier, and believe it or not (I rolled my eyes when people told me this), it's easier going places now than it will be when he is a toddler! Hang in there!